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Sports Performance

It has been understood for a long time how important state of mind is when it comes to sports and events and it's now very familiar to see every top athlete at their events with both their physical coach and their mind coach.


The mental edge along with modern training and nutrition is everything when acheiving 100% in your chosen sport.


From playing that perfect shot in golf to believing you are unstoppable in the boxing ring, it all starts in the mind, in our belief, and in our focus.


When hard work and practice is mixed with true belief in our abilities then then we can move mountains. Focusing will become easier and that bad shot which would have normally ruined your entire game can be forgotten about straight away and you'll be back on your A-game.


I have worked with men and women from all sports, both amatuer and professional, and as an athlete myself I enjoy working with people who are in the same mindset, who are motivated to be the best they can be, and want to achieve their sporting goals.


Please contact me to discuss any requirements you may have regarding sports performance and to see if we can work together to make you a better version of you.


I can also offer Performance Nutrition advice and plans.