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Skype based services are becoming increasingly popular due to peoples circumstances. Busy lives mean you may not have time to travel to appointments, may be house bound for various reasons, or in the case of some of our more distant clients, simply live too far away.  Some clients simply prefer being in thier own surroundings, in their favourite comfortable chair and wearing their comfortable clothes , where they feel most relaxed.


Skype has proved reliable for all hypnosis and general face to face interaction, councilling and NLP work, as well as simple problem solving.


Initial consulatations can also take place on Skype before actually visiting our treatment rooms based in Lichfield for personal one on one treatment.


If you feel you could benefit from a Skype session with me or wish to chat about any of our treatment room based services then please contact me at [email protected] or   07739 458468 or of course contact me directly on Skype via my email address.