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Pain Management

Clinical hypnosis for pain management


Hypnotherapy or hypnosis  for the control of pain, chronic pain and general pain management has been common place for many years. For those individuals who suffer daily pain you may have noticed when your focus is taken off the area of pain, for instance your focus is placed on an interesting television programme, your pain becomes less or is completly removed until you think about it again.


Hypnotherapy / hypnosis works in the same way to control the perceived pain and turn it down, or even completely remove it.


A 2009 study suggests that hypnotic interventions can result in significant reductions and perception of pain and can be found here.


Conditions that I have found Hypnotherapy to be particularly helpful for are -


All types of headache including migraines

Arthritic pain

Cancer based pain - a reduction in stress and anxiety is also believed to aid a patients recovery

Fybromyalgic pain


All the above can trigger stress and also be made worse by stress which obviously compounds the problem, and it's a cycle that needs breaking. Hypnotherapy is a great tool for combatting the stress and anxiety which is 1 of the first steps in helping  to control the pain.


If you or somebody close to you is suffering with long term pain then please contact us to discuss whether we feel we can help you manage your pain and improve your quality of day to day life.