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Breaking Habits

Most people are aware that hypnotherapy can assist with stopping smoking & alcohol abuse, but in actual fact hypnotherapy can and does assist people in just about all areas of their lives, and certainly with breaking 'bad' habits.


A few of the things clients have found helpful with hypnosis, and we have had success in helping treat, are listed below but this certainly not an exhaustive list -


Smoking, both tobacco and other substances

Recreational drug use

Eating disorders including snacking when not even hungry

Alcohol abuse including binge drinking

Nail biting

Over spending, buying for the sake of it, and over use of credit cards

The need to check your social media every 60 seconds

The need to achieve absolute perfection in all endeavours


If you have a habit that you believe is holding you back, or annoying you and others, please give me a call to discuss a suitable treatment which will help you to kick the problem.